In this section of the site we answer the most popular questions that our students and their guardians have about our services. If you can't find the answer here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Q1 - What subjects do you teach?

We primarily tutor secondary and post-secondary school mathematics and the sciences, but also have experience helping students prepare for upcoming professional examinations.

Q2 - What is the cost of the overall service?

Sessions are forty dollars ($40) per hour of tutoring. This is inclusive of tax, and we will provide receipts upon request.

Q3 - Do you meet your students in their homes?

It all depends on what is more convenient for the student. We can meet students in their homes, but also often meet them in public spaces like the City libraries.

Q4 - Can you make a guarantee of grade improvements?

In short, no. We have seen improvements in all of our former students, but do not feel comfortable with a guarantee. Tutoring is a two-party service, and we can only guarantee our half - you need to guarantee yours. It takes dedication and time from the student in order to successfully meet his or her goals.

Other common questions

Yes. You must pay for tutoring hours prior to the sessions themselves, and you may purchase multiple hours at a time.
You purchase tutoring hours prior to a session, and the hours used will be subtracted from the total purchased at the end of each individual session.
We accept cash, email transfers, and credit cards.